Discover who we are and more about our past. How God has led.

Our History

Casa de Corazon Children's Home, formerly called the Heart Home, was established in 1991 by Pastor Clive Dottin, then Youth Director of the South Caribbean Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. An extension of the "Heart to Heart Ministries", the dream was to provide a space of security and family love, where kindness and spirituality abounded. This was accomplished through the grace and mercies of Almighty God, prayer and the dedication of Pastor Dottin and the management team.

The home's Board and Management have changed over the years but each individual has contributed to the development of our home. To date, the Home has seen more than two hundred children pass through its doors. We continue to provide for and support for abused, neglected and abandoned children; we strive to provide an environment where each child can experience holistic growth whilst in our care.

Historical highlights

In 1990, Pastor Clive Dottin, a man with a passion and a vision, saw the need to provide a safe space for children who were victims of abuse and abandonment. Out of his Heart to Heart Ministries and his involvement with Missionary Action Groups, The Heart Home was formed in 1991. At first along with Mildred Jones who eventually pursued her own dreams, and later with Angela Joseph and Friends Forever, Pastor Dottin's team laid the foundation of this initiative.

It was located on the Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande till the last quarter of 1998 when the home moved to its current location. Our biggest patron was Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited whose engagement continues to this day.