Give a gift, help a child in need. Learn more how you can help.

Give a gift, help a child in need. It may be gently used clothing, furniture, a new appliance or electronics, it may be toys (preferably new), reading books, or school books, here are the ways you can give.

Cash Donations

If you’d like to donate cash, we encourage you to do so by online transfer to our Scotiabank account. Please call or email us with the info beforehand for accounting purposes. Banking Information: Scotiabank Sangre Grande: 70615-00-1200875

Food items

We accept groceries, vegetables, fruits, and juices. We do accept cooked food however, during this challenging time, we have ceased until further notice. For further information please contact us.


Presently, we are in need of dining room furniture and single chairs for use during school hours. We also have inadequate seating in our living/common room. Additional living room furniture would be a big help.


Volunteers are special people with a little extra time. It doesn’t have to be much. A few hours mean a lot to engage a child and transfer something meaningful. If you’d like to offer us that extra time, please contact us for further information